Dan (flea_ri) wrote in lostpa,

Rocky horror Fundraiser Show

Hi, I'm new but I do a lot of Rocky Horror Picture Show events in PA, so I figured I would sahe this with you guys.

Since I'm doing a fundraiser for Cancer research, we are adding a dedication page to the website with all the fundraiser information. If you know someone, or a loved one who has had cancer or has died of cancer and would like to have the money donated to the American Cancer Society with their name, among others, please send their name, year of death, or Survivor, and the type of Cancer to dan@rilwi.com

There is no charge for this, we are not asking for donations, we just want to do something right for a good cause, and that's start a war on Cancer in this generation.

If you have personal stories you would also like to share about someone who has had or died of Cancer, you can feel free to send them along, some will be put on the Dedication web page, others will be read at the performance.

The Dedications will be on http://www.rilwi.com We are doing the Rocky Horror Picture Show, to raise money for Cancer Research, all proceeds go to the American Cancer Society.
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