Surely you know better.... (darksin) wrote in lostpa,
Surely you know better....

What Kaley has really been upto..

Well we finally found out what Kaley has really been upto. Amazing isent it what happens?

(Taken entirely from an email she sent)

im flaking out on you Bryan?? please give me a break....your hardly online and i dont have long distance on my phone so i really cant call you...and i understand we went on a break for awhile cause you 2 are in a sticky situation but that doesnt mean i hafta call you and ask you for your permission to go explore some place else. being in your group was alot of fun....but not doing anything since April i hadta go out and do a little exploring of my own. and its alright you didnt want Johnny in your group...hes a cool kid thats why me and him started our own group....yep thats right i want to be the first one to welcome your bitch ass to our web site too here is the link ....we have gone on more documented explorations than you guys have....and as for gator and liza....there in my group....were all tired of you being a dick to everyone just because your having a bad day doesnt mean the rest of us arent either ya i guess you could take this is a resignation for you group take it how ever you want im tired of being nice and putting up with your bull think im making a mistake with dave....hell dave isnt a mistake if anything Jason was....and really i do value your opinion on things you tell me but talking behind my back isnt acceptable

Happy hunting,

Now, Carrie's Reaction to this wonderful form of bullshit..

Greetings, Carrie Here.

Now allow me to clairify a few things here.

1. We never said we didn't want Johnny in the group. But for legal and "cover our ass aginst law suits" things we said we couldn't let him join. Now tell me, who wants to get sued by pissed off parents? Not us. Plus, in addition, he didn't have a car then from what I understand.

2. You did, infact, Flake out on us. How hard is it to take 30 seconds to send an email saying "hey where going here tonight, wanna come" even if we are broke. Gas isent that expensive and I still can get to work, thus we aren't that broke. Also, considering you ran off and started your own group over a MONTH ago says something also. Did you tell us about this? No. Did you ask us if we wanted to be involved and help out in any way? No. Now tell me, where I come from this sounds a lot like backstabbing. Does it to anyone else?

3. "Not doing anything since April". We never EVER said you couldn't go out yourself. Hell we encourge people go find spiffy things, all we ever asked was "please don't use the Haunted Penna" name for legal reasons. There's that getting sued thing again. Again, we wanted to go out. But you again have to understand. Having a place to live is a LOT more important then running around haunted or abandoned places (even thought that's more fun). In addition, we went to ESP like three weeks before this "Club" was formed, which only means in my opinion this was formed just after ESP. Am I hitting the right track here?

4. We're not unreasonible, we don't care if you start your own group. Just let us know! Hello, we're people too over here and last time I checked we really didn't care if you wanted your own thing going now did we?

5. GHI and Breaker Boys. Kewl and good for you. We no longer talk to GHI for our own personal reasons. That is us, not you. We never said ya couldn't. Breaker Boys we've got no problem with so just don't go talkin shit okay? Because no one needs that.

6. Bryan is a dick? Really? Funny I live with him and I don't see this. I think Minga is talking here. I can't recall one time he's been as ass to anyone without good reason. Hell, I'm a bigger asshole then he is 90% of the time. When have we NOT said.. "if you've got a problem with us, tell us".... Mmmm? Plus everyone was always looking towards him to figure things out, it does suck having to be the bad guy at times, but it does happen. I'm so very sorry if over sensative feelings where brused. Plus if everyone was tired of "him being a dick to everyone" why didn't they say something? Did they loose the ability to speak? To type? Are they dead or something? If you can't tell us yourselves, there's a problem. This isent high school last time I checked, I thought we left that kindda bullshit behind.

6A. On the topic of Gator and Liza. Since the whole fun Minga thing (which I might add Kaley, you thought we where justified on) they havent wanted anything to really do with us, but they obviously couldn't tell us this themselves. I can't stand people with no backbone.

7. Kaley, We didn't tell you the things we did to discourage your relationship with dave. We're simply speaking from our own personal experience so maybe you could see what someone else has gone threw and be careful not to have the same thing happen. Obviously we don't care about you by trying to give you a little bit of advice on what has happened to us. Last time I checked friends did that, not "mean people" and "Dicks". Where we not happy for you when you got with Dave? Last time I checked I said "woohoo for you!".

8. New peice of Advice: Don't listen to anyone else. Ask us if you want to know what's going on. Other's generally don't know and make bad assumptions.

I hope I covered all the fun little bases here. I don't mean to come over as a bitch but this is what I am responding to. It was an attack and frankly I will not pass up chance to counter false bullshit on our side. We don't hold anything aginst anyone but god who needs the stupid ass drama that this kind of crap creates? Do you? Do we? No. No one need's this kindda headache, so folks.. don't do it to us.

Oh yeah, and for my own curtesy... how do you have more documented trips then us? I only saw two.

Haunted Pennsylvania

Now even more fun things... Kaley endlessly insists that they never ever trash talked us.. now, I show you more proof.

Taken from the Centrailia Adventure on they're webpage which I refuse to post. Go ask the little traitor for it if ya want it.

Finally after the millionth bug i pointed out Jon went on a rank and turned into bryan(leader of haunted Pa) for a few minutes and this is what Jon(pretending to be Bryan) had to say to Kaley.......Get this, im the leader, im God and were not here for a ____ing nature walk okay, give me a smoke. give me 5 dollars for the group. you know what were here to film the crack not look at ____ing bugs. Ya hear me? ya hear me god damnit? what the ____. Carrie come punch her in the ____ing face cause i cant do it. im a whinny little _____ named after laughing our asses off at that little comment Kaley decided to walk back up the hill by herself since the boys were playing around"

Now when have we ever not been nice to people? We've always tried to work with everyone. The only time we've had to get pushy is for things like ESP where we HAVE to have a set number of people and be there at a certian time. We have never called people names or said anything mean or cruel and this is the kindda shit we get in return for that? God I hate people at times.
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