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lostpa's Journal

Lost and Forgotten Pennasylviana
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Hello and Welcome to the Community of Lost and Forgotten Pennasylviana! A journal community based around all things within the State of Pennasylviana which is abandoned, lost, forgotten, haunted or otherwise creepy!

Now the boring "Legal Notice" stuff to cover our own behinds.

1. We are in NO WAY, SHAPE or FORM telling you to go to these places. If you do, we are not in ANYWAY responcible for your actions.
2. If you get some form of fine for your adventures we are not responcible for paying these. It's your own damn fault, not ours.
3. DO NOT blame this community in any way for your actions, we are not your parents we cannot make you do anything.
4. We do not post EXACT locations, if you WANT locations use intelligence, take notes and hints. But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! do not post locations on the journal, email them or post them someplace else! We do not want to get in trouble with anyone.

By Joining or Posting you agree to these minor terms which is just for our and everyone elses safety. No one wants to get in trouble with the law!

Now that the legal stuff is over, the fun stuff!

Please post any stories or experiences you have with lost, forgotten, abandoned buildings/homes/places, huanted places or otherwise creepy stuff!


To reach the Admin of this journal email or IM: HauntedPA@Aol.com or Sinofhope@aol.com