Surely you know better.... (darksin) wrote in lostpa,
Surely you know better....

The old bitch and the Henreyville Inn

On the National Historic Registry there is an old Inn listed called "The Henreyville Inn at Henreyville". Okay so went to check this place out and hopefully find out who the owner was and gain permission to go onto the grounds and such. We where not there for two minutes when I noticed the lady who was in a mini van delivering the mail was there for a few moments longer and was on the cell phone.

I wasent paying much attention to it, seeing as I was studying the building. A minute later a car pulls into the driveway like a bat out of hell and this pissy looking old bat gets out and walks up to the car and asked us what we are doing.

Seeing no reason to lie we state we are taking pictures and we are writing a book, we want to add the Henreyvillie Inn to the book. And this old bitch starts yelling at us about how we can't be here she better not see us again, it's trepassing. She writes down the make and model of the car and the license plate and yells at us to get off the property. At this point we asked if she knew the owner so we could gain permission to be here, and she said the owner doesent want any part and we better leave before she calls the cops.

Now we never left the car, seat belts still on and everything and it was only 1pm. There where no signs about we can't enter the driveway. So we told the old bitch to basiclly fuck off and left.

We have no found out she is NOT the owner, we plan to contact the owner and gain permission to be on the grounds and write the story. And when the old bitch shows up, we're going to simpyl laugh at her and invite her to call the cops. Seeing as we have the owners permission to be on this property.

Revenge is sweet, No?
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