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Lost and Forgotten Pennasylviana's Journal
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Below are the 12 most recent journal entries recorded in Lost and Forgotten Pennasylviana's LiveJournal:

Wednesday, July 7th, 2004
6:43 pm
New here, looking for places to go in Pittsburgh.
If anyone knows nay interesting sites, let me know =D
Monday, April 5th, 2004
1:23 pm
I'm looking for information on two places.

one is the abandon power plan in Manyunk [Philly] PA and the other is an abandon insane asylum in Mt. Laurel NJ. Any information in how to find them would be great.

Friday, March 5th, 2004
11:23 am
Hey, Just curious if anyone on here has heard of or visited an abandoned house near Scranton known as the "Gardener House". Its located on Gardener Raod in Elmhurst, PA near a cemetery. From what I know the house is currently being renovated. The structure was build in 1859 for a summer retreat for Dr. Gardener and his family. Over the years it seems the family went mad from lead poisoning in the water pipes. This was my first abandoned house and probably my most favorite. The place couldn't have had better proportioned rooms and the details above the door ways were quite interesting....diagonal latticework...most likely for ventilation during the summer months. It also featured vertical bat and board siding, arched windows on the second and attic floor, 5 or 6 downstairs reception rooms, built in bookcases and a set of back stairs off the kitchen. According to my friends Maura and Brenda (the poeple who showed me the house in the first place) the house was in pretty good shape when they first entered it but later various vandals had broken windows, knocked holes through walls and spray painted a sign at the end of the front hall saying "Beware the Gardener Ghost". I had have shown the house to a few other friends as well. They all say there is a strange feeling centering around the garage and overall the house has a good feel, except for bad energy brought about by those performing rituals and wrecking things. One of my friends at the Lackawanna Historical Society thought it would make a good Bed and Breakfast. Well if anyone knows anything more or has seen this place please comment, or if you know of any other places in or around Scranton (where I'm from) or Philadelphia (where I'm at School)...happy house hunting
Tuesday, March 2nd, 2004
3:13 pm
Rocky horror Fundraiser Show
Hi, I'm new but I do a lot of Rocky Horror Picture Show events in PA, so I figured I would sahe this with you guys.

Since I'm doing a fundraiser for Cancer research, we are adding a dedication page to the website with all the fundraiser information. If you know someone, or a loved one who has had cancer or has died of cancer and would like to have the money donated to the American Cancer Society with their name, among others, please send their name, year of death, or Survivor, and the type of Cancer to dan@rilwi.com

There is no charge for this, we are not asking for donations, we just want to do something right for a good cause, and that's start a war on Cancer in this generation.

If you have personal stories you would also like to share about someone who has had or died of Cancer, you can feel free to send them along, some will be put on the Dedication web page, others will be read at the performance.

The Dedications will be on http://www.rilwi.com We are doing the Rocky Horror Picture Show, to raise money for Cancer Research, all proceeds go to the American Cancer Society.
Friday, February 27th, 2004
6:54 pm
Urban Exploring in Philly
So, someone posted something somewhere after i asked about people who wanted to explore, and they suggested an abandon Factory in Norristown. I would like to put together an expedition to this Island Factory tomorrow or sunday. I want to take two people with me. Three seems like a safe number [not too big, and still big enough that if something bad happens, then one of us can get help].

So, who's interested?
Sunday, February 15th, 2004
10:41 pm
this site hasent been posted in for a long time.....kind of like its abandon..har har....if anyone still reads here, is there anyone in the philly area that wants to go on some expeditions?
Monday, June 30th, 2003
6:22 pm
What Kaley has really been upto..
Well we finally found out what Kaley has really been upto. Amazing isent it what happens?

(Taken entirely from an email she sent)

im flaking out on you Bryan?? please give me a break....your hardly online and i dont have long distance on my phone so i really cant call you...and i understand we went on a break for awhile cause you 2 are in a sticky situation but that doesnt mean i hafta call you and ask you for your permission to go explore some place else. being in your group was alot of fun....but not doing anything since April i hadta go out and do a little exploring of my own. and its alright you didnt want Johnny in your group...hes a cool kid thats why me and him started our own group....yep thats right i want to be the first one to welcome your bitch ass to our web site too here is the link www.paranormal-investigation.cjb.net ....we have gone on more documented explorations than you guys have....and as for gator and liza....there in my group....were all tired of you being a dick to everyone just because your having a bad day doesnt mean the rest of us arent either ya know.......so i guess you could take this is a resignation for you group take it how ever you want im tired of being nice and putting up with your bull shit.....you think im making a mistake with dave....hell dave isnt a mistake if anything Jason was....and really i do value your opinion on things you tell me but talking behind my back isnt acceptable

Happy hunting,

Now, Carrie's Reaction to this wonderful form of bullshit..

Greetings, Carrie Here.

Now allow me to clairify a few things here.

1. We never said we didn't want Johnny in the group. But for legal and "cover our ass aginst law suits" things we said we couldn't let him join. Now tell me, who wants to get sued by pissed off parents? Not us. Plus, in addition, he didn't have a car then from what I understand.

2. You did, infact, Flake out on us. How hard is it to take 30 seconds to send an email saying "hey where going here tonight, wanna come" even if we are broke. Gas isent that expensive and I still can get to work, thus we aren't that broke. Also, considering you ran off and started your own group over a MONTH ago says something also. Did you tell us about this? No. Did you ask us if we wanted to be involved and help out in any way? No. Now tell me, where I come from this sounds a lot like backstabbing. Does it to anyone else?

3. "Not doing anything since April". We never EVER said you couldn't go out yourself. Hell we encourge people go find spiffy things, all we ever asked was "please don't use the Haunted Penna" name for legal reasons. There's that getting sued thing again. Again, we wanted to go out. But you again have to understand. Having a place to live is a LOT more important then running around haunted or abandoned places (even thought that's more fun). In addition, we went to ESP like three weeks before this "Club" was formed, which only means in my opinion this was formed just after ESP. Am I hitting the right track here?

4. We're not unreasonible, we don't care if you start your own group. Just let us know! Hello, we're people too over here and last time I checked we really didn't care if you wanted your own thing going now did we?

5. GHI and Breaker Boys. Kewl and good for you. We no longer talk to GHI for our own personal reasons. That is us, not you. We never said ya couldn't. Breaker Boys we've got no problem with so just don't go talkin shit okay? Because no one needs that.

6. Bryan is a dick? Really? Funny I live with him and I don't see this. I think Minga is talking here. I can't recall one time he's been as ass to anyone without good reason. Hell, I'm a bigger asshole then he is 90% of the time. When have we NOT said.. "if you've got a problem with us, tell us".... Mmmm? Plus everyone was always looking towards him to figure things out, it does suck having to be the bad guy at times, but it does happen. I'm so very sorry if over sensative feelings where brused. Plus if everyone was tired of "him being a dick to everyone" why didn't they say something? Did they loose the ability to speak? To type? Are they dead or something? If you can't tell us yourselves, there's a problem. This isent high school last time I checked, I thought we left that kindda bullshit behind.

6A. On the topic of Gator and Liza. Since the whole fun Minga thing (which I might add Kaley, you thought we where justified on) they havent wanted anything to really do with us, but they obviously couldn't tell us this themselves. I can't stand people with no backbone.

7. Kaley, We didn't tell you the things we did to discourage your relationship with dave. We're simply speaking from our own personal experience so maybe you could see what someone else has gone threw and be careful not to have the same thing happen. Obviously we don't care about you by trying to give you a little bit of advice on what has happened to us. Last time I checked friends did that, not "mean people" and "Dicks". Where we not happy for you when you got with Dave? Last time I checked I said "woohoo for you!".

8. New peice of Advice: Don't listen to anyone else. Ask us if you want to know what's going on. Other's generally don't know and make bad assumptions.

I hope I covered all the fun little bases here. I don't mean to come over as a bitch but this is what I am responding to. It was an attack and frankly I will not pass up chance to counter false bullshit on our side. We don't hold anything aginst anyone but god who needs the stupid ass drama that this kind of crap creates? Do you? Do we? No. No one need's this kindda headache, so folks.. don't do it to us.

Oh yeah, and for my own curtesy... how do you have more documented trips then us? I only saw two.

Haunted Pennsylvania

Now even more fun things... Kaley endlessly insists that they never ever trash talked us.. now, I show you more proof.

Taken from the Centrailia Adventure on they're webpage which I refuse to post. Go ask the little traitor for it if ya want it.

Finally after the millionth bug i pointed out Jon went on a rank and turned into bryan(leader of haunted Pa) for a few minutes and this is what Jon(pretending to be Bryan) had to say to Kaley.......Get this, im the leader, im God and were not here for a ____ing nature walk okay, give me a smoke. give me 5 dollars for the group. you know what were here to film the crack not look at ____ing bugs. Ya hear me? ya hear me god damnit? what the ____. Carrie come punch her in the ____ing face cause i cant do it. im a whinny little _____ named Bryan....Haha..so after laughing our asses off at that little comment Kaley decided to walk back up the hill by herself since the boys were playing around"

Now when have we ever not been nice to people? We've always tried to work with everyone. The only time we've had to get pushy is for things like ESP where we HAVE to have a set number of people and be there at a certian time. We have never called people names or said anything mean or cruel and this is the kindda shit we get in return for that? God I hate people at times.
Wednesday, June 18th, 2003
10:14 am
Hi. I'm new. I was scouting around for communities of urban explorers and I found this one, which is awesomely located in PA like me. So hi guys.
Thursday, January 16th, 2003
3:55 pm
The old bitch and the Henreyville Inn
On the National Historic Registry there is an old Inn listed called "The Henreyville Inn at Henreyville". Okay so went to check this place out and hopefully find out who the owner was and gain permission to go onto the grounds and such. We where not there for two minutes when I noticed the lady who was in a mini van delivering the mail was there for a few moments longer and was on the cell phone.

I wasent paying much attention to it, seeing as I was studying the building. A minute later a car pulls into the driveway like a bat out of hell and this pissy looking old bat gets out and walks up to the car and asked us what we are doing.

Seeing no reason to lie we state we are taking pictures and we are writing a book, we want to add the Henreyvillie Inn to the book. And this old bitch starts yelling at us about how we can't be here she better not see us again, it's trepassing. She writes down the make and model of the car and the license plate and yells at us to get off the property. At this point we asked if she knew the owner so we could gain permission to be here, and she said the owner doesent want any part and we better leave before she calls the cops.

Now we never left the car, seat belts still on and everything and it was only 1pm. There where no signs about we can't enter the driveway. So we told the old bitch to basiclly fuck off and left.

We have no found out she is NOT the owner, we plan to contact the owner and gain permission to be on the grounds and write the story. And when the old bitch shows up, we're going to simpyl laugh at her and invite her to call the cops. Seeing as we have the owners permission to be on this property.

Revenge is sweet, No?
Wednesday, January 15th, 2003
12:07 pm
New Updates
We believe we have found the Magic Valley Park which has been escaping us for the past severaly days, we've got two locations where it could possibly be. The sad part is we can't yet investigate these areas due to the snow on the ground, and myself being southern fried and unwilling to freeze my ears off!

We have also contacted the ower of Inn at Buckhill Falls and are waiting responce to asking to get inside and photograph the place. As well as writing the story of the Inn.

The story about the old bitch at the Henreyville Inn shall be posted today was well as the amusing fact she is likly not even the ower.


I also reccomend Rawfear.com as a Western PA Ghost Hunters site!
Sunday, January 12th, 2003
11:15 am
Places we are searching for.
These are a small list of places we are personally searching for but have not yet located.

Magic Valley Park- Bushkill PA

Another small list of places we have found!

The Inn at Buckhill Falls PA
Henreyville Inn PA(Story to come shortly about this place, but I do not reccomend it)
Mountian Lake Resort PA
White Haven Sanitarium PA (Demolished)

Stories of the above places to come soon!

11:10 am
Welcome to the Journal of Lost and Forgotten Pennasylviana!

We hope you enjoy this community, we are hoping to get a complete huanted and abandoned index going soon and a web page up and running. But before that happens we desided to start an LJ community.

I also must ask you read over the "Legal Stuff" in the profile before you join. We don't want to get into trouble with anyone and be forced to delete this community. So Please please PLEASE read that frist!

Feel free to post away about anything you feel of intrest. Haunted places and Ghost stories, Abandoned buildings/homes, Urban Legends, Or anyrthing else you feel would be good here!

Safe Exporations!
(And Bryan, but this one happens to be Carrie's journal)
Your wonderful Admin type person!

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